Hassle-free implementation for peace of mind

As an exclusive or non-exclusive advisor, GLOBE-PE seeks to serve public or privately-held companies, including family-owned and operated companies and family offices. GLOBE-PE’s financial advisory services can be secured with or without GLOBE-PE’s investment banking or strategic advisory services, and regardless of a pending transaction.

Our clients no longer have to build their financial plans piecemeal, – although that is possible too if they so wish. That is how flexible we are.

We are proud to offer full-fledged wealth management and financial planning services that add real value to support our clients’ overall financial intentions.

One-stop centre for complete wealth management solutions

With a network comprising key strategic business partners who are globally renowned in their own right, our Consultants possess the advantage to turn their clients’ financial plans into reality.

The entire process makes full use of our unique web of business operation system and client advisory management tools. Our infrastructure is designed to offer our clients a hassle-free and time-saving experience. The result is a coherent and meaningful wealth management plan.

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